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Lamp Recyclers – The Range

Discover the Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems range

Balcan Lamp Recycling Process

Lamp Recyclers – The Range

Discover the Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems range
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Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems – The Range

‘Balcan now have specific entry systems on their equipment to deal with crushed, straights, compacts and plastic sleeved lamps and the output in terms of all recovered materials is among the best that I have seen.’

Balcan Lamp Recyclers – The Guide

Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems produce machines capable of recycling most types of lamps without need for segregation.  The design of lamp recyclers is modular and is scaled up or down for the clients’ needs.

All Balcan lamp recyclers incorporate dual loading allowing fluorescent tubes to be laoded at the same time as smaller bulbs.

The MP range of Balcan lamp recyclers is so called due to its Multipurpose unit which is standard across all models.  The Multipurpose unit allows whole & crushed lamps of various shapes and sizes to be loaded at the same time without need for segregation.

Getting into waste lamp management & lamp recycling is straightforward.  Small users can start with a lamp crusher to test the market, or if already involved in lamp recycling opt for one of the MP range of lamp recyclers.  Capacities range from being able to process a few hundred lamps per hour to 12,000+ per hour.

Balcan MP2000

The Balcan MP2000 Hybrid is the new lamp recycler from Balcan.  Building on the success of the Multipurpose part of its lamp recycling range, the MP2000 incorporates an all in one system.  With a capacity of approx. 1000 fluorescent tubes per hour it can still be loaded with smaller lamps & bulbs.  The whole design of the MP2000 makes it more compact & affordable.  Ideally suited to countries, or even Islands where volumes of lamps do not justify larger machines.  Even companies who are looking to update old machines, but are concerned about the LED market can benefit.  If LED’s are put through this system they will come out with the end caps and e-bases of other lamps.  Outputs can then be turned into higher value fractions by using the Balcan LED1000 led lamp recycler.

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Balcan MP4000

The Balcan MP4000 is a very popular lamp recycler for the small to mid range volumes.  In real terms this machine is ideal for volumes from about 100 tons per year, but will happily process far more.  Fluroescent tubes are loaded into this machine through one of the balcan lamp crushers.  Debris feeds onto the conveyor as it passes up to the cleaning rumbler.  Other lamps, as well as crushed lamps are loaded into the Multipurpose rumbler to screen out the end caps, before the glass carries to the cleanin grumbler.  Operates at negative pressure with powder & mercury vapour filtration, ensuing that the outlet air contain no mercury.    The Balcan MP4000 has a capacity of 1500 linear tubes per hour as well as other types.


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Balcan MP6000

The Balcan MP6000 is the smaller brother of the MP8000.  Featuring the same conveyor loading system for flurorescent tubes as well as the Multipurpose it has only has one cleaning rumbler.  Crushed tubes are fed directly onto the dirty conveyor to transport to the cleaning rumbler.  The glass from the Multipurpose unit is collected into a holding hopper where it is fed onto the dirty belt, which allows the machine to be dual loaded at the same time.   The Balcan MP6000 has a capacity of 2500 linear tubes per hour as well as other types.


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Balcan MP8000

The Balcan MP8000 is the system of choice in the USA and used by Balcan themselves. It comes as standard with the conveyor loading system for fluorescent tubes.  Operating the same way as the MP6000 the debris is cleaned by two rumblers, which allows for the increased volumes.  The Multipurpose unit, standard throughout the range, like the MP6000 docks with the dirty belt for cleaning of non linear tubes.  Negative pressure is maintained by two higher capacity air extractors as well as two high flow annular carbon filters.  The Balcan MP8000 has a capacity of 5000 linear tubes per hour as well as other types.


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Balcan MP12000

The Balcan MP12000 is the lamp recycler for 10,000 linear tubes per hour along with other types of lamps. Similar to the MP8000 it features two conveyor systems as well as the Multipurpose section. A serious machine for serious volumes.


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