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Balcan Lamp Crushers

Balcan Lamp Crushers are used extensively throughout the world
Lamp Crusher Drum

Balcan Lamp Crushers

Balcan Lamp Crushers are used extensively throughout the world
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The Balcan Lamp Crusher

Our crusher is used extensively throughout the world to reduce volume and control the mercury emissions generated during crushing. Without the use of this type of equipment we would have more mercury being emitted due to uncontrolled breakage.



Lamp Crushing Process

Lamp Crusher Process

Designed for volumes

Crushing up to 1500 lamps per hour, the Balcan Lamp Crusher stands out with its high-volume design. Unlike smaller drum top crushers that handle one lamp at a time, our crusher offers the most cost-effective entry into the lamp recycling business. It actively crushes lamps into drums which are then ready to be sent to a lamp recycler, such as Lighting Resources in the USA, for full recycling.

Robust Design

Balcan introduced the Low Loaded Lamp Crusher in 1990, designed for versatility with the aim of safely handling large quantities of as many types and sizes of lamps as possible. The robust model actively accepts handfuls of fluorescent tubes up to 8ft long, ensuring they are fully encased before beginning any crushing operation.

The robustness of this design allows Balcan to use this machine at the front end of our MP2000 and MP4000 lamp recyclers, showcasing its adaptability and strength.

Notably, the cost of ownership is 2-3 times less compared to small drum top mounted units.

How it works…

Our lamp crusher accepts lamps up to 115mm (4.5 inches) in diameter and 2.4m (8ft) in length and ensures that the lamp is fully encased prior to crushing. For greater versatility, the top box allows small lamps to be bulk loaded into the chute.

We fit our crushers with a first stage filter to remove dust & powder, as well as an activated carbon filter to remove mercury vapours before the air exhausts to atmosphere. This filtration system ensures the crusher operates under negative pressure.

The trolley mounting system allows our crushers to push directly over standard size metals drums, into which they will discharge crushed debris. Additionally, the viewing flap lets you see how full the drum is at any time.

Drum top crusher wheels

Versatile Design

The speciality design of the Balcan Lamp Crusher means we offer versatile construction options to suit your needs:

For use in vans, the crusher comes complete with a pair of special mounting rails, enabling it to be mounted firmly on the floor of vans and be safely slid out from the back and supported by the rails when in operation. The compact design means it takes up minimum space when mounted on the wall of the van.

For use with drums, the crusher can be mounted on a portable stainless-steel trolley which allows it to be pushed over and off drums. By removing the need to move the drum, our design overcomes issues with moving full, heavy drums from underneath the crusher.


Manufactured throughout from stainless steel.

Maximum diameter of lamp: Loading port accepts 4.5 inches (115mm) diameter

Safety features: Lamps are fully encased prior to crushing therefore preventing uncontrolled emissions of mercury.

Capacity: 1000-1500 fluorescent tubes per hour.

Collection system: Drum adapter allows most diameters of drums

Consumables: 1-5 micron filter replacable after 10-20 drums depending on types of lamps and dust loading.

Hg vapour filtration media: Sulphur based Activated carbon

Emissions: Max 0.025mg/m3 – Typical: <0.005mg/m3

Supply voltage: 110 / 220 single phase