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Plastic Coated Tubes

Balcan Shattershield Plastic coated lamp processor
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Plastic Coated Tubes

Balcan Shattershield Plastic coated lamp processor
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Plastic Coated & Shattershield Lamp Recycling

Recycling plastic coated & shattershield lamps still involves crushing the glass.  Usually the end result is crushed glass in a flattened tube.  With the Balcan Shattershield recycler glass & plastic are eaisly separated. 

Safe & Cost effective solution

It is necessary to remove the plastic cover prior to putting the lamp & bulbs into the recycler.  Usually this involves a person, with a knife, cutting the sleeving away, prior to the lamp being processed normally. This method has a number of Health & Safety issues and is not ideal when lamps are already broken inside the sleeving. Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems has developed its Raptor Shattershield Processor as a cost effective solution to manually cutting the sleeving from plastic coated lamps.

Quick & Easy

The Balcan Raptor Shattershield Lamp Processor makes light work of plastic coated tubes at a rate of 2000+ per hour of all diameters and lengths up to 8ft.

How it works

Lamps are cut into sections & the glass separated from the plastic which is collected in a standard drum. The glass can be recycled through a system which alllows drums of lamp debris to be loaded. The powder and mercury vapours generated are controlled through the air system which keeps the machine operating at negative pressure.