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Design & Engineering

The Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems requires little maintenance
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Design & Engineering Services

The Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems requires little maintenance
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Balcan Design & Engineering Services

Balcan are always looking for ways to improve on their designs as well as add new products to their portfolio.  All products are designed & built in house.  Not only ar elamp recyclers on offer, but extraction systems as well as electronics recyclers are available.  If you have a specific requirement contact Balcan.

Practical Layouts

As a recycler Balcan are able to put themselves in clients’ shoes to offer different layouts & ideas.  Clients’ input is vital to be able to design the unit around what ancillary equipment (e.g. containers) they use. 

Easily diagnose problems

All motors & conveyors are monitored for movement & overload.  If a fault is detected the machine will alarm, showing where a problem or fault has occurred.  This design makes diagnosing a problem very simple & the ability to easily run an individual component in manual makes fixing it even easier.