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About Balcan Lamp Recycling

In 1980 Balcan designed and manufactured the first commercial lamp crusher. Over 40 years later discover why we are the world leaders in lamp recycling and crushing systems.

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Who are Balcan?

Balcan was founded in 1973 & designed the worlds’s first commercial lamp crusher in 1980.

In 2000, with the drive to recycle, Balcan designed its own lamp & bulb recycling system, which they would not only use themselves, but also perfect and make commercially available in 2007.

Today, Balcan remian leading designers, developers and manufacturers of lamp recycling equipment.

We make lamp recycling easy

Being the UK’s largest lamp recycler has given Balcan the advantage when designing our lamp recycling systems. With the low cost per unit paid for lamp recycling, we understand that it is important to give maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance to generate the highest value fractions.

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Custom solutions to meet your needs

We offer a diverse range of lamp and LED recycling systems that are tailored to meet all our clients’ needs. Our offerings range from lamp crushers that process a few hundred lamps per hour, right through to our MP12000 that handles capacities of 12,000+ lamps per hour. Whatever your needs, we have them covered.  

Balcan ticks all the boxes

Balcan lamp recyclers have always been designed to handle as many types of lamps as possible. As the world is moving on from CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) to LED, Balcan has seen the opportunity & built a system to process these. The LED1000 system enables lamp recyclers to further process their own outputs into high value fractions & expand their business into electronics recycling as well as other waste streams.

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Why choose Balcan?